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Tips for Home Winterizing While on Vacation
Posted: January 24, 2022

Get Peace of Mind While You’re Away

vacation energy savings new jerseyThe purpose of winterizing your home before you go out of town is twofold; first, you’ll save money on your energy bills while you aren’t at home to appreciate the heat you’re paying for, and second, you’ll prevent disasters like frozen or burst pipes, flooding, mold growth, and damaged flooring and furniture.

By taking the minimal time and effort required for winterizing your Northern NJ home, you’ll save headaches, hassles, heartaches, and expenses. Read on to learn more about which winterizing tips can really pay off. You’ll be glad you did!

Top 4 Tips for Winterizing Any Home

Some winterizing methods are specific to the type of fuel and appliances you have in your home. However, many pointers are applicable no matter what type of heating source you use. Whether you have a boiler or furnace or use heating oil, electricity, or another type of fuel, you can save big on your energy bills and protect your home and equipment by:

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