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When is the best time to buy heating oil?
Posted: August 19, 2019

calendarAs we make our way through the dog days of August here in NJ, nudging our thermostats to the left as we attempt to shrug off all that heat and humidity, buying oil to heat your home is probably the last thing on your mind.

Which is exactly why it should be.

OK, we’re not channeling Yogi Berra here (although it would be appropriate, since the Yogi Berra Museum is right here in the Garden State). What we mean to say is that if you put off buying your heating oil until late September or October (or even later), you’ll be joining the thousands of Sussex County home and business owners who all need fuel at the same time. All that demand could (and often does) cause heating oil prices to rise – which is why buying your fuel now should be on your mind! Makes sense, no?

As it happens, heating oil prices are down about 20 percent from this time last year –another reason to get your order in early.

Another way to save: Capped Price from Fredericks Fuel

Of course when it comes to heating oil prices, nothing is certain, since so many unpredictable factors influence the cost of oil (weather and the global economy, to name two big ones).

That’s why Fredericks a Capped Price Program to keep heating bill surprises to a minimum. Here’s how it works:

Our Capped Price Program can be combined with our monthly budget plan to make your heating bills even more predictable in the months ahead.

Interested in taking advantage of the Capped Price Plan from Fredericks Fuel & Heating Service? Act now! This offer ends September 30, 2019, or without notice when the limited supply of heating oil available at this price has been sold!

Your payment is the only way to secure your gallons. There are no reservations. If you need help determining how many gallons to purchase, contact us today!