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When Should I Upgrade My Furnace or Boiler?
Posted: September 27, 2017

A new heating system is a big investment for any homeowner – and like any investment you need to weigh your options before making a buying decision you can live with.

How will you know when it’s time to upgrade your furnace or boiler? Here are three key questions to ask yourself:

  1. How old is your current heating system? – If your current equipment is 10 years old or more, it’s time to at least start thinking about replacing it. A new high efficiency furnace or boiler will perform much better than one that has been running for over a decade – possible 30 more efficient, or even more.
  2. Are you satisfied with your system’s performance? – Are you comfortably warm in any weather? Are your monthly heating bills stable year after year, or are they increasing no matter how well you maintain your equipment? If the performance of your furnace or boiler is flagging, it’s probably time to upgrade.
  3. Would a repair be a worthwhile investment? When the next repair comes, how much will it cost, and how likely will you need another one in the future? Here’s a rule of thumb: if the cost to repair is 50 percent of the cost of a new furnace, you should probably replace it.

Whether you need a repair, heating system maintenance, or a high efficiency heating upgrade, Fredericks Fuel has you covered.

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