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The Truth About Electrification: It’s Not What You Think
Posted: October 18, 2021

Myth-Busting the Complete Electrification Fairytale

electric home heat new jerseyWith the earth’s climate crisis raging and the effects becoming more and more apparent, many local governments are starting to take action. Unfortunately, eagerness to make a difference can sometimes result in hasty decision-making that ultimately doesn’t end up helping the situation. The rush to electrification in municipalities around the country is one example of well-intended efforts going awry.

Fredericks Fuel & Heating Service is one of the largest and most modern fuel oil and burner service companies serving Northern NJ. Our energy experts can help evaluate all of your fuel options. Read further to learn more about how the jump to complete electrification may not be the best move, for both the earth and your pocketbook.

Misunderstandings about greenhouse gas emissions

It’s true that electricity emits zero pollutants when in use. Electricity doesn’t burn fossil fuels when you turn on the lights or use an appliance. Sounds great, right? We need to look at the bigger picture in order to see what type of impact electricity has on the environment in total.

The problem is that electric plants burn fossil fuels in the generation of electricity – lots of fossil fuels. The more electricity is used, the more electricity needs to be generated, and the more harmful fumes released into our atmosphere.

Burdensome regulations can hurt the environment and more

Total electrification simply is not the silver-bullet solution that advocates want it to be. In a good-faith effort to reduce climate change, many governments put in place burdensome mandates and unfair incentives that hurt businesses, homeowners and landlords hesitant to jump on the total electrification bandwagon. And, the sad irony of the situation is that these efforts don’t even have the intended impact of reducing carbon footprint and harmful gas emissions!

Modern heating oil is a promising alternative to electrification

The future of oilheat is very promising, with biofuels and enhanced burner technology strengthening fuel efficiency, lowering costs, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions far below those associated with electricity plants.

No more run-outs or outages in the dead of winter!

Another major problem with total electrification is that customers become totally dependent upon the electric grid, which can be less than reliable. Heating oil delivery brings more security, and when you enroll in automatic delivery, we monitor your fuel use and make deliveries before there’s any chance of running out, which can be inconvenient and expensive. There is no extra charge for this service, and you will not use any more fuel than you would on will-call.

Save money and save the environment as a Fredericks Fuel customer this winter

If you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint, our energy experts can help you find a solution that makes a big impact, for both the environment, and your energy-efficiency. Here at family-owned, full-service Fredericks Fuel, we promise to stay by your side for every step forward. Contact us for an estimate today!