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Why You Should Protect Your Fuel Tank
Posted: September 20, 2021

Get peace of mind and keep your tank safe

tank release protection new jerseyOil releases are not very common, but they do take place occasionally, especially if a tank is very old or was not installed properly – despite strict EPA installation requirements. Fredericks Fuel has been safely installing aboveground storage tanks since the advent of home heating oil, and we have thousands of tank installations under our belt.

For our valued Northern New Jersey customers’ safety and peace of mind, we offer several fuel tank protection plans. Read on to learn more about how Fredericks Fuel can help protect you from the stress and expense of an unexpected oil release with our ProGuard program.

Tank protection service agreement eligibility

We offer oil release protection for both aboveground and underground tanks holding up to 4000 gallons, so long as you are enrolled in automatic delivery. Underground storage tanks will require testing prior to enrollment in the program, though. This helps our experts identify any potential issues before they arise, ultimately providing more protection for the customer. Abandoned tanks are not eligible.

Choose the plan that works best for you

Nobody wants to think about experiencing an oil release on their property, whether it is above ground, underground or in the basement. Our energy experts can work with you to figure out which tank protection plan is right for your situation, giving you peace of mind that showed the worst case scenario occur, your family will be protected, both financially and safety-wise.

The protection you receive with ProGuard includes

Work with Fredericks fuel to protect your oil tank.

Keeping your family warm and comfortable throughout our frigid New Jersey winters also means offering you the peace of mind that you won’t be left to fend for yourself should even a minor oil release occurs. Reach out to our fuel tank experts at family-owned Fredericks Fuel to help you assess your residential fuel tank protection needs.