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How Efficient Is A Propane Water Heater?
Posted: April 8, 2024

Discover the energy and cost savings of this dependable appliance

water heater vernon, nj If you’re like many North Jersey residents who watch their utility costs, you probably have a few strategies to conserve energy. Switching lights off when not in use, turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth and programming your thermostat to keep the heat lower when you’re sleeping and are just a few ways to help manage your utility bills.

But it can be harder to save on the costs generated by your home’s water heater. Families just need a certain amount of hot water for washing dishes, doing laundry, taking showers and other purposes. It’s estimated that about 20 percent of the energy consumed in the average U.S. household is due to their water heaters.

One way to change that and save money on your utility bills is to invest in a propane water heater for the greater efficiency it offers over the standard electric storage tank water heater.

Why is propane so efficient?

Compared to electricity, propane provides more powerful heating abilities. Because one gallon of propane can generate nearly 91,500 Btus of heat energy, propane-powered water heaters can produce more hot water per hour than electric water heaters. And they experience less heat loss than traditional water heaters so you can count on not running out of hot water so quickly.

In addition to enjoying the convenience and comfort of having more energy-efficient water heating, you can see lower utility costs because the appliance is using less energy. The Propane Education & Research Council estimates that propane water heaters cost households an average of $350 a year less compared to electric units.

Types of propane water heaters

There are two types of propane water heaters: storage tank and tankless. Both offer greater efficiency compared to traditional electric water heaters but have differences in operation and costs.

Tankless propane water heaters make it possible to have hot water on demand instead of having to heat water in a tank and store it. The unit uses a strong flame to heat the water and is set up to produce the amount of hot water your household needs based on your peak flow rate.

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that tankless systems can be up to 34% more efficient. There are no standby losses of energy that happen with traditional storage tanks having to reheat unused water. And your hot showers aren’t affected when someone flushes the toilet, starts the dishwasher or runs a load of laundry.

Tankless systems are also very convenient because they’re much smaller than storage tanks — typically the size of your average suitcase — and can be installed in a closet or laundry room to save space. And they’re a sound investment because they can last more than two decades if maintained correctly over time.

Storage tank propane water heaters are an attractive option for some North Jersey households. They cost somewhat less and can be easier to install than tankless water heaters while conveying similar energy efficiency benefits. The annual usage cost for a propane storage tank water heater is still about 10% lower than an electric one.

Considering your options

Is your electric water heater close to 10 years old? Then you’ll want to look at your options for replacing it before it rusts out and leaks, causing expensive water damage to your home. There’s no better time than now to think about upgrading to a propane water heater. It may initially cost more than a traditional electric one, but the investment pays off as you realize significant savings on your monthly bill year after year.

If you live in Vernon or elsewhere throughout Northern New Jersey, you can depend on our experts to advise you on the right propane water heater for your household needs and budget, install it quickly and professionally, and provide regular maintenance. Just contact us today for a free, no-obligation estimate!