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Winter Deliveries Require Some Forethought

Don’t let fuel delivery delays steal your comfort this winter! Winter is one of the busiest seasons for fuel providers, especially in New Jersey, where the weather can get treacherous. You never want to have to worry about having a fuel runout just when you need heating the most. There are several strategies you can […]

Tips for Home Winterizing While on Vacation

Get Peace of Mind While You’re Away The purpose of winterizing your home before you go out of town is twofold; first, you’ll save money on your energy bills while you aren’t at home to appreciate the heat you’re paying for, and second, you’ll prevent disasters like frozen or burst pipes, flooding, mold growth, and […]

Top 5 Benefits of a Local Heating Oil Company

Why go local for heating system repairs and tune-ups in Northern NJ? Are all heating oil companies more or less the same? In short: definitely not. While the services offered may seem similar at first glance, having a local fuel provider on your side can make all the difference when it comes to service, responsiveness, […]

Don’t Let Your Heating Oil Tank Run Dry

Running Out of Oil is Expensive – In More Ways Than One Nobody wants to run out of heating oil, especially not in the colder months. It’s inconvenient, a hassle, and uncomfortable, to say the least. But did you know that letting your oil tank run dry can actually harm your heating system? Fortunately, the […]

The Truth About Electrification: It’s Not What You Think

Myth-Busting the Complete Electrification Fairytale With the earth’s climate crisis raging and the effects becoming more and more apparent, many local governments are starting to take action. Unfortunately, eagerness to make a difference can sometimes result in hasty decision-making that ultimately doesn’t end up helping the situation. The rush to electrification in municipalities around the […]

Why You Should Protect Your Fuel Tank

Get peace of mind and keep your tank safe Oil releases are not very common, but they do take place occasionally, especially if a tank is very old or was not installed properly – despite strict EPA installation requirements. Fredericks Fuel has been safely installing aboveground storage tanks since the advent of home heating oil, […]

Don’t Forget to Change Your A/C Filters!

Routine maintenance is the best way to keep your air conditioner running efficiently and reliably every year – but beyond a once-a-year check-up, one of the best ways to keep your central A/C running at peak efficiency is also the simplest…

Make Bills More Predictable With a Budget Plan

With things are as hard to predict as they are right now, anything that adds a little certainty to our lives is a good thing. That’s just what a budget plan from Fredericks Fuel can do. If you pay for your heating oil deliveries as you go, you have probably gotten at least one unwelcomed […]

Why Should I Keep Oil In My Tank During Summer?

We Will Give You One Big Reason! It looks like we’re finally arriving at a point where we can give our heating equipment a well-earned rest for the summer, after a long, steady climb through an extended cool spring here in New Jersey. But before you put your heating system to bed for a few […]

How To Get Your A/C Ready For Summer

Do These 10 Things Before Cooling Season Begins Believe it or not, summer 2021 is only about one month away, and soon you will be turning to your air conditioner for cool comfort night and day (especially this year, which experts predict will be a scorcher here in the Northeast). But don’t touch that dial […]