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heating oil deliveries

Auto Delivery: Why Should I Sign Up?

Why mess with managing your heating oil deliveries when you can have our experts do it for FREE? You read that right: there’s no catch or costs to Auto-Delivery from Fredericks Fuel & Heating Service – just no-cost peace of mind. How Does Automatic Fuel Delivery Work? Our delivery and customer service teams use special […]

furnace technician

Boilers Vs. furnaces: What’s The difference?

Some people refer to their home heating system as a furnace, but that’s not always the case: sometimes, your home actually uses a boiler. Knowing the difference between these two pieces of equipment can be helpful when it comes to getting the most from them or troubleshooting heating problems with a qualified technician. How a […]

price capped fuel

What Is The Capped Price Program?

What is a Price Cap? Life is challenging enough right now without having to guess which way heating oil prices might trend in the coming months. The good news is that with our Capped Price Program, you won’t have to A price cap program limits how much your heating oil price can rise – but […]

System 2000 – A Different Kind Of Boiler!

When it comes to comparing boilers, one measure you’ll hear a lot about is AFUE, or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating. AFUE is a lot like MPG for your car – the higher the number, the more efficiently your boiler runs. The problem is that calculating boiler efficiency in the real world is much more […]

heating oil delivery payments

Monthly Payment Option For Predictability In Uncertain Times

Monthly Payment Option For Predictability In Uncertain Times During uncertain times, a little predictability can go a long way – especially when it comes to money. One sure-fire way to get some predictability back in our lives is to sign up for the convenient and FREE monthly budget program from Fredericks Fuel. Smooth out your […]

central air conditioning system

Get More From Your Cooling System: 8 Ways

Getting the best performance possible from your cooling system is important any year, but it’s especially important in 2020 as we spend more time at home than usual in the coming weeks and months. The good news is you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get better performance from your home cooling […]

central air conditioning

When To Replace Your Home Cooling System

A central air conditioning unit is a significant investment for any homeowner – but like any mechanical equipment, it won’t last forever. The truth is that even with regular maintenance by a home cooling expert, a cooling system will only last somewhere between 10 and 15 years – and in the last few of those years, […]

ac maintenance and repair

Spring A/C Maintenance: It’s That Time Again

Spring A/C maintenance: It’s That Time Again. Spring has sprung here in New Jersey, and before it you’ll be calling on your central air conditioner rather than your furnace or boiler to keep you comfortable. The question is, will your home cooling system be ready for action when that time comes? It will be if […]

No heat? Check These Five Things Before Calling For Service

Your home heating system has been on the job for more than four months straight since those first cool fall nights in NJ, and with that kind of workload it’s always possible that you’ll have an issue at some point with your furnace or boiler – especially if it’s an older unit. If that happens, […]

Save money on your furnace heating bills

Nine Great Ways to Save Money on Your Furnace Heating Bills

Keeping your New Jersey home warm can certainly cost you during the winter – but you can have a surprising impact on how much it costs you.