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Make Your Bills More Predictable: Sign Up Today For Fredericks’ Home Energy Payment Plan
Posted: May 25, 2017

Does making a smaller, more predictable monthly payment sound more appealing than the prospect of facing an unexpectedly high heating bill just in time for the winter holiday?

If it does, then sign up today for the Fredericks Home Energy Payment Plan!

Our Payment Plan divides your average annual heating bill (which we estimate based on your billing history) into 11 equal payments. If you’re a new customer (or plan to become one), we’ll base that your bill on local averages for homes your size in our service area).

We’ll adjust your payment once a year based on the heating oil you actually used – if the amount is less, we’ll send you a check for the difference; if it’s more, we’ll make a one-time adjustment.

There are no finance charges for this service, and you’ll even get a 2-cent per gallon discount for signing up! Your payments will begin on July 1.

Contact us today to sign up for the Fredericks Home Energy Payment Plan. If you’re already enjoying the Plan, don’t forget to renew for June 1!