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How Long Do Boilers Last?
Posted: January 15, 2024

Avoid losing heat from a failing boiler

boiler service Oak Ridge, NJ In the heart of winter, it can be easy to take your heating system for granted. With shorter days of sunlight and cold temps across Northern New Jersey making being outdoors less appealing, you really appreciate a warm, cozy space to come home to — until something goes wrong and you have no heat. If that happens due to a failing boiler, you’ll want to know what the average life expectancy of a boiler is and whether it’s time to replace yours.

Boilers versus furnaces

In case you’re not clear on which heating system your home has, you can tell whether you have a boiler or furnace by where the heat comes out. If your home has radiators or baseboard heaters, you have a boiler. If it has vents that blow air out, then you have a furnace.

How boilers work

There are two kinds of boilers: hot water boilers and steam boilers. A hot water boiler burns fuel to heat the water, then pumps it through pipes to radiators, baseboards or in-floor radiant tubing. A steam boiler works in the same way except that it converts the water to steam first before circulating it through the house.

The advantages of a boiler heating system

Most people have whatever heating system existed in the home before they moved into it. But why might original owners choose to install hot water or steam boilers? For one thing, they’re a quieter option compared to other systems. They’re also helpful for people with allergies, respiratory issues or compromised immune systems because they don’t use fans or blowers that can introduce dust, dirt and allergens into the air.

How long boilers last

So if you have a boiler, how long can you expect it to last before it needs replacing? Generally speaking, boilers last an average of 15 to 20 years. You can usually find out how old your boiler is by checking your owner’s manual or looking for a sticker on the boiler unit, as many brands have the year it was manufactured embedded in the serial number. If you can’t tell, you can always call us for help.

Signs of a failing boiler

If your boiler is at least 15 years old and/or you notice any of the following signs, it might be time to replace it. Some indicators of a boiler on its last legs include:

Repair or replace?

The best way to decide whether your boiler has enough life left to make it worth repairing versus replacing it is to have an experienced service technician take a look at it. Our experts can diagnose problems, make repairs or help you decide which model would be the right choice for you if they recommend replacing it.

Benefit from today’s high-efficiency boilers

If you need a new boiler, the good news is that today’s models are much more efficient than older ones thanks to modern heating technologies. Whether you live in West Milford, Sparta, Sussex County or elsewhere in Northern NJ, there’s no better place to turn to for a new boiler than Fredericks Fuel. Our certified pros are trained to safely and professionally install a wide variety of boilers from manufacturers such as Peerless, Williamson Thermo Flo, Weil McLain, System 2000, and Burnham and Crown.

Rely on Fredericks Fuel for boiler service

Regular maintenance is a great way to reduce the chances of having something go wrong with your boiler and lose heat when you need it most. Once your new boiler is installed, you can count on us for reliable, year-round service . Our Comfort Protection Plan includes an annual cleaning, priority response and cost savings if you need repairs.

Problems with your boiler? Contact us!

Don’t get left out in the cold this winter by a failing boiler. If you need boiler service or replacement, contact us today!