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Is Heating Oil Cheaper in the Summer?
Posted: June 24, 2024

Reasons to not wait until winter to order your fuel

heating oil Oak Ridge, NJ It is not news that we really only use heating oil, especially here in North Jersey, during the winter. And even though winter is the season to use heating oil it is not the season to buy it if you can avoid doing so. It turns out heating oil costs less in the summer so take advantage of the lower prices when you can!

Why heating oil is cheaper in the summer

You heard us right – summer is the ideal time to place your orders for the heating oil you will need and use come winter.

Why are heating oil prices lower in the summer? Well, the answer is pretty simple: supply and demand.

Once fall arrives and the temperatures start dropping, tons and tons of both homeowners and business owners suddenly need fuel for heating purposes. The demand increases and when the demand for any product increases, prices will do the same.

When demand for heating oil gets very high, the supply can drop, making it unavailable and hard to come by. This can, and often does, increase costs.

On top of the basic concept of supply and demand making heating oil cheaper in the summer, you also avoid having to pay extra for emergency fuel deliveries that you suddenly need to keep your heat on when you stock up on heating oil when it’s still warm outside.

How to determine your heating oil usage

If reading all this has influenced you to stock up on heating oil before winter arrives (and we hope it has!) and you are trying to figure out how much heating oil you are going to need once it gets cold, be aware that the following factors affect your heating oil usage:

Additional ways to reduce heating costs

Ordering heating oil in the summer is a great way to save on heating oil costs, but it’s not the only way. Here are some more things you can do to help keeps expenses under control:

Heating oil from Fredericks Fuel & Heating Service

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