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Fredericks Fuel Auto Delivery FAQs
Posted: September 25, 2018

If we have learned one thing through 140 winters here in New Jersey , it’s that people don’t like to run out of heating oil in the winter.

Fortunately, there’s a FREE service from Fredericks Fuel that helps you avoid that potentially dangerous problem while taking away many of the hassles of managing your heating oil supply: Auto Delivery.

If you’re not familiar with Auto Delivery, here are a few questions to get you up to speed with this convenient service (if you have more, feel free to contact us).

  1. How do you determine when I get my heating oil delivery?

Our computers calculate how much fuel you’re likely to use based on your past bills and the current weather (if you’re a new customer, we’ll estimate your fuel use based on neighborhood averages for a home your size). We aim to deliver your oil when your tank is about one-quarter full.

  1. What’s the difference between FREE Automatic Delivery and Will Call?

With Will Call delivery, you have to track your heating oil levels and schedule all your deliveries. You may also have to wait for a refueling until our trucks are available (if you have a heating oil run-out emergency, we can help, but you’ll be charged for it). With FREE Automatic Delivery, you won’t have to think about your fuel levels, worry about run-outs, or manage your heating oil deliveries.

  1. This sounds too good to be true…why is Automatic Delivery FREE?

Automatic Delivery is free because it helps us, too. If we know who needs fuel when, we can schedule our deliveries efficiently – which means we can avoid having to send crews out to deal with emergency run-outs.

  1. How will I benefit from FREE Automatic Delivery?

Let Fredericks take the hassle out of managing your home heating oil with FREE Auto Delivery! Contact us today to sign up or learn more.