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Why Should I Keep Oil In My Tank During Summer?
Posted: June 21, 2021

We Will Give You One Big Reason!

heating oil deliveryIt looks like we’re finally arriving at a point where we can give our heating equipment a well-earned rest for the summer, after a long, steady climb through an extended cool spring here in New Jersey.

But before you put your heating system to bed for a few months, we suggest doing two things, if you haven’t already: schedule routine maintenance and top of your tank with heating oil.

The first of these suggestions is probably obvious – after all, just about any home comfort equipment needs a little TLC to keep it running efficiently and reliably year after year. Why now? Simple: it will help you avoid the crowds in the fall.

The bigger question is why schedule a heating oil delivery when you’re not going to use your heating system for another few months?

The answer is to help keep your tank from corroding.

How Oil Tanks Corrode

As seasons change, water (condensation) forms inside your oil tank, the same way it forms on a cold glass during the summer. More water will form inside an empty tank than a full one.

That water is bad news for two reasons. The first is that water, being heavier than oil, will sink to the bottom of your tank and start the corrosion process from the inside out. That means you won’t necessarily see your tank rotting until it’s late in the game – maybe even too late.

The second is that a damp environment will encourage bacteria growth in your fuel. Over time, that bacteria will turn your heating oil into a thick sludge that will block your filter, fuel lines, and burner nozzle, eventually shutting down your heating system altogether.

As you can see, water build-up is not good for the inside of your tank (or your wallet) – and keeping oil in your tank during the offseason is an easy way to minimize it.

As a side bonus, ordering fuel now will probably help you save a few bucks, too, since heating oil prices are usually lower during the offseason.

Need to top off your heating tank this summer? We can help! Contact Fredericks Fuel & Heating Service today to schedule your heating oil delivery in NJ.