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Diesel Fueling 101

On and Off-Road Diesel Diesel fuel is commonly used in a variety of applications, including powering diesel engines in cars, trucks, buses, construction equipment, and generators. When considering diesel fueling, whether for personal vehicles or a fleet of vehicles and equipment, there are several important factors to take into account to ensure a smooth and […]

Why Use Heating Oil To Heat Your Home?

Top reasons home heating oil is a great choice With deep roots in our community that go back 130 years, Fredericks Fuel has been delivering heating oil to local homes and businesses for decades. As we have grown, our steadfast goal has been to provide our customers with dependable, expert service. Perhaps this explains why […]

What Maintenance Does A Boiler Need?

Top tips for keeping your boiler in good shape If you have a boiler at home, you probably already know that neglecting boiler maintenance can lead to reduced efficiency and increased energy costs. The good news is that there are many steps you can take to keep your boiler working its best, and at Fredericks […]

Central Air Troubleshooting Tips

Why is your Central AC Acting Up? When your central air conditioning system isn’t working , there could be several reasons for the problem. We understand that it doesn’t always make sense to bring in experts, especially if there’s a simple fix for your AC issue. Read on for some troubleshooting steps you can take […]

Why Do Diesel Fuel Prices Go Up?

Diesel fuel price fluctuations Diesel engines are often more fuel-efficient than gasoline engines, which can make diesel fuel more cost-effective for certain vehicles or applications. Even so, these prices can fluctuate for a variety of reasons. So, what’s going on with diesel pricing? Let’s take a closer look. Factors that affect diesel fuel prices Diesel […]

How To Know If It’s Time For A New Water Heater

Saying goodbye to your inefficient water heater and save! Are you wondering whether there’s an ideal time to replace your water heater? There is: Before it breaks and you’re showering in cold water! The problem is, you don’t know when that time will arrive. Don’t get stuck making a hasty upgrade decision out of necessity. […]

Central Air Summer Checklist

Central Air Summer Checklist 6 ways to get your AC ready for the summer New Jersey summers can be sweltering, and that’s why making sure your air conditioning system is in top working order before the hottest days arrive should be at the top of your priority list. Plus, if your AC is older or […]

Is Kerosene A Gas Or An Oil?

Is kerosene right for you? Kerosene has been an efficient, reliable heating and lighting fuel for homes and businesses in northern NJ for over a century, but if you’re not familiar with this fuel, you may not even be sure whether kerosene is a gas or an oil. As one of the only kerosene dealers […]

What Is Central Air Conditioning?

Choosing the system that’s right for you Fredericks Fuel was around when heating oil and central air conditioning came into widespread use. Over the years we have installed hundreds of systems. Whether you are looking to replace your old, inefficient central A/C system, or you need a whole new install, we can help you choose […]

What is On-road and Off-road Fueling?

Diesel fuel can help your business succeed Do you know the difference between on-road and off-road fueling, and what it can do for your business? In addition to heating oil, Fredericks Fuel provides both types of fuel for our commercial customers including farms, landscapers, builders, excavators, pavers, movers, waste haulers, truckers, foodservice, courier and delivery […]