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Upgrades & Installation

When it’s time to upgrade your comfort

Air conditioner service, including expert A/C installation

Did you know that Fredericks Fuel and Heating Service has certified A/C installation techs on staff? Our service technicians are trained in all phases of heating and cooling system installation and service, including professional air conditioner installations. Today’s high-efficiency A/C systems, properly installed, have the potential to not only enhance your comfort, but lower your energy costs as well.

Let us show you how to save with greater comfort

The first step in the process of deciding whether or not to upgrade your heating and cooling system is to call Fredericks today and schedule a comprehensive some comfort system evaluation. Only after we understand your heating and cooling needs, and your present system, will we be able to recommend the best system for your particular home. Experience has shown us that, when customers follow our guidance on increasing efficiency, and new, high-efficiency comfort equipment, they can realize energy savings and a more comfortable home. To learn more, please contact us today.

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